Mathematics Class 9th CBSE 2021 Examination

Multiple Choice Questions

Fill in the blanks

Very Short Answer Questions based on latest CBSE Guidelines.

HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) based questions are given to think beyond rote learning.

Proficiency Exercise is given at the end of each chapter for ample practice of the student.

Self-assessment test is given chapterwise to check the knowledge grasped by the student.

Three Periodic Tests which include Pen Paper Test and Multiple Assessment is given as a part of internal assessment.


  • Chapter-wise/ Topic-wise presentation for systematic and methodical study
  • Strictly based on the Reduced CBSE Curriculum issued for Academic Year 2020-2021, following the latest NCERT Textbook and Exemplar
  • Previous Years’ Question Papers with Marking Scheme & Toppers’ Answers for exam-oriented study
  • Remembering, Understanding, Application, Analysing & Evaluation and Creation Based Question based on Bloom’s Taxonomy for cognitive skills development
  • Latest Typologies of Questions developed by Oswaal Editorial Board included
  • Mind Maps in each chapter for making learning simple
  • ’Most likely Questions’ generated by Oswaal Editorial Board with 100+ years of teaching experience
  • Suggested videos at the end of each chapter for a Hybrid Learning Experience


It is rightly said that “Change is the only constant.” In the past few months, the world has changed drastically and adapting to these changes is vital for our progress. These are unprecedented times which have called for unprecedented measures. School is being conducted online and classrooms have shifted to computer screens. To ensure that real learning doesn’t stop even in this age of virtual classrooms; Oswaal Books has updated all its products for 2021 examinations. We have upgraded our books to supplement students’ need for extensive practice and in-depth understanding of their subjects. Our Question Banks have been redesigned keeping in mind the new & reduced syllabus and new challenges that the students are facing today.


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