Wonder Kids: 100 Children Who Grew Up to Be Champions of Change

Inspirational books have a tough task of getting the attention of the readers, particularly for young kids.

A handy resource for young kids, Wonder Kids- 100 children who grew up to be champions of change is a welcome addition to your home library as kids from 10 to early teens have a good reference on numerous individuals who set out to make a difference.

Brought in a summary style each icon’s a few living and many from the past across the world, their lives are detailed out and a bit on their childhood and their accomplishments is brought out in short two page story formats.



Researched and brought out by Anu Kumar, published by Hachette India, Wonder kids has interesting details many which are pleasantly surprising and makes for a good read.

Did you know that Louis Braille is recognised among the top 100 inventors of all times for the ‘touch based’ system of reading and writing used by visually impaired.

Louis Braille gave something priceless to the world. Louis on a vacation had an ‘aha’ moment. At school, he had heard of a secret code used in the dark by soldiers. Louis then fifteen year old, used an awl, the same instrument which caused him grievous injury (leading to blindness) used the instrument to punch holes in leather to fashion  a pattern of dots. Then he re arranged and re positioned these to represent alphabet’s letters. He was only twenty years when he published this new style called Braille.


A few icons are living and many of them are in news like Mark Zuckerberg who is one of the world’s youngest billionaires.

One of the first messaging platforms that Mark designed for his father, who had his dental practice in New York was that he could receive messages about new patients without the receptionist shouting out their names across the room. This was because of Mark’s interest in computers and he had ensured a program to disseminate this information.  Mark was only twelve back then,

Mark went on to develop Facebook which has enjoyed more than a decade of existence and growing popularity but now is fighting security concerns from its patrons.


Poorna Malavath was only 13 years old and eleven months when she became the youngest girl to climb the Mount Everest.Hailing from Telangana, Poorna’s parents were poor farmers. Her skills in sports like volleyball and kabaddi had been noticed by a retired police officer R.S Praveen Kumar, who became her mentor and encouraged her to pursue mountain climbing.

Poorna wishes to continue mountaineering and hopes to be a police officer. She believes girls can do anything they have their hearts set on.

Did you know Dr. Seuss or a young boy called Theodore Seuss Geisel or Ted had a fascination for animals and always came with his sketch book, accompanying his father, a zoo volunteer .

He sketched not only on the notebook but alose on the walls of his bedroom. Ted years later started using a pen name Dr.Seuss and his love for cartooning led to his first job in 1927. Literally even after a hundred years, his stories are still loved by children.

Many icons from the present set a relatable value and many are from India so one has a ready reference of icons who have started young and encourage through their stories how to pursue a passion.

Rani Laxmibai, R.K Narayan, Rudyard Kipling, Emma Watson, Begum Akhtar, Sachin Tendulkar, icons and personalities from various fields also give an insight to various professions and careers one can choose. This is a good ready reckoner a quick one rather than a detailed one for those who want to brush up their quizzing -knowledge skills on various personalities.

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